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‘What about protein?’ The short answer? Don’t worry about it. Our bodies only require about 6 to 10% of our calories to come from protein; which is the amount found in most fruits and vegetables. Eat plenty of raw plant foods, especially leafy greens, like spinach (30% protein) and kale (16% protein), and you’ll be more than fine.

Bloggers can enjoy 3 gigabytes of space with WordPress. Definitely, WordPress offers a much bigger space for photos, videos and other kinds of files compared with other blogging sites have to offer. You can even opt to upgrade your account to get up to 5 or 25 gigabytes.

Build your blogging links. There are so many blog readers all over the world, and they love to hop from one site to another. Thus, learn to establish relationships with other bloggers, so you can also expose your blogging link right at their own blogging site. You can compensate their generosity by writing free and exclusive articles for them or by adding their blogging links in your blog roll.

If your blog ends up having a good sized readership, you may want to move it to a paid site. The cost of hosting is very reasonable and setting up a blog isn’t all that difficult. You can find endless tutorials online to help you. Once you have your own blog with your own domain name, you are able to sell advertising space if you have a high number of readers.

At first, just make 1 web 2.0 property from around 5-10 Web 2.0 sites- and make them ALL based AND named after your MAIN KEYWORD- linking them to your Health-Blog homepage and one other page on your blog.

Faith is important to many people and if it is a lifestyle decision, it is extremely essential to be involved with a dating partner who has the same faith Lifestyle Blog. What are the ramifications for getting involved with someone that does not share your faith-Lifestyle Blog? For starters, eventually, the relationship will either fail or you both will end up being miserable together. A third possibility is that the faith that was once so strong for you will slowly start to cool down and you will have grown ambivalent to your faith.

My ‘secret?’ Doing high numbers of calisthenics, daily, and going on 5 to 6-mile ‘sprints’ (in home-made sandals) through the concrete streets of Thailand, where I now reside. Plus, running up and down flights of stairs, and walking everywhere, rather than driving. Do this and you’ll be fitter than 9 out of 10 people you meet, anywhere on earth. And you need nothing more than your own body-weight to do it!

On a larger scale, this post on a popular lifestyle blog shows how a blog becomes a community, and reaches to help one another. People helping others whom they’ve never met, probably won’t ever meet. People whose only connection is through leaving comments on this blog.

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